Established components, smartly connected in a container concept

Mobile Smart Factory

Available in modular containers, the 3D printing factory is equipped with all the required equipment to ensure flexible and reliable production needs. The concept is based on standard ISO 20 ft. containers, which are configured to be fully weather-proof and extremely durable.

System overview

Production Unit

• 20 ft. container (CSC-certified)
• METROM 6-axis hybrid machine
• Customized chassis with isolation
• Control unit for machine & container

Operating Unit

• 20 ft. container (CSC-certified)
• MarkForged X7 polymer printer
• Creaform 3D-Scanner
• Climatic office with PC workstation and storage room


• IT-operating and data system
• Augmented-Reality (AR)-maintenance and operating concept
• CAD / CAM software
• Overall climate, energy and exhaust system

System specifications
  • External dimension in cm (L x W x H): 605.8 x 243.8 x 259.1
  • Weight
    • Operating container: approx. 12 tons
    • Production unit: approx. 15 tons
  • Power: 63 A and 32 A externally or, if required, through a separate module (self-sufficient solution)
Building Parameters

Parts and components

Building space metals

Diameter 700 mm
Height 450 mm

Building space polymers

Width 330 mm
Height 200 mm
Length 270 mm


Virtually all weldable wires and polymers (carbon reinforced)

Application Rate

Up to 600 cm³/h

Steel: approx. 3.5 kg/h
Aluminium: approx. 1.6 kg/h

Production technology

The power of Additive Manufacturing

The Mobile Smart Factory uses a hybrid machine from METROM for component production and parts repair service. Based on a patented parallel kinematics concept the machine combines a WAAM module with a milling and drilling unit.

Operating principle
  • Pre-processing: The processing strategy and its toolpath are programed individually, using a CAD software
  • Production: Layer-by-layer structure of the part using arc welding / Fusing of a metal wire with the aid of a welding torch forms the blank
  • Post processing: After the build job, parts are generally post-processed by machining
WAAM characteristics and benefits
  • High build rates: deposition rates of up to 4kg/h are possible
  • Low cost: Simple process and cheap raw material
  • Suitable for repair operations: damaged parts can be repaired on site
  • Large parts possible: the part size is almost unlimited
  • Stable process and well established: process is well-controlled; industry-specific standards and best practices exist
  • Wide material availability: off the shelf welding wires can be used
  • High-quality parts: parts show high density and good mechanical properties

The automated building with integrated finishing processes is based on CAD data of the component created in the operating container. With this solution, the system operator only has to set up and position the workpiece. The welding and machining process runs as an NC program based on pre-qualified parameters.

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