A factory in a box

The smart production module that allows you
3D print parts on-site – as and when needed.


How the Mobile Smart Factory can improve your business


Building and system parameters


The power of Additive Manufacturing

The concept

Our Mobile Smart Factory is a modular container factory equipped with 3D printing devices to provide flexible and reliable production capacities wherever needed. It enables a cost-efficient and fast supply of metal and plastic parts by covering the entire Additive Manufacturing process, including pre- and post-processing.

  • Digitisation
  • Pre-processing
  • Production/3d-printing
  • Post Processing
  • Quality assurance
Efficient spare part management

Reduce: Delivery times and cost
Increase: Flexibility

  • Facilitates individual repair services for damaged parts and components
  • Fast and simple provision of spare parts
  • Combines flexible production with asset optimizing logistics

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