Key Features

Plug-and-print container solution


Think outside the box:
Print parts inside a box

The Mobile Smart Factory is a plug-and-print factory inside modular containers equipped with devices that provide flexible and secure 3D printing production capabilities on site. Essentially, it allows a fast and cost-effective supply of metal and plastic parts on site where needed. In addition, it covers all steps to carry out repair services locally; even in remote and hash areas. To allow for an easy transport and deployment, the concept is based on standard containers.

Printing out of the box

Standard containers
Unique solutions

The control unit is used for pre-processing and consists of a workstation with a PC, an industrial 3D printer for polymers, a 3D scanning system and a storage area. The production units is used for metal parts production and repair services. It integrates a multi-optional 6-axis machining center. The welding and machining process runs as an NC program based on pre-qualified parameters. The main spindle of the machine is centrally positioned, allowing the machining of large workpieces.

Virtual Storage

Store data, not parts

All parts can be stored in the Mobile Smart Factory´s digital warehouse to reduce warehouse cost and streamline your supply chain. When a digital file is not available for older parts, the item can easily be 3D scanned and printed on demand. On top of that, parts can be designed and optimized digitally and 3D printed as needed.

Building Parameters

Parts and components

Building space metals

Diameter 700 mm
Height 450 mm

Building space polymers

Width 330 mm
Height 200 mm
Length 270 mm


Virtually all weldable wires and polymers (carbon reinforced)

Application Rate

Up to 600 cm³/h

Steel: approx. 3.5 kg/h
Aluminium: approx. 1.6 kg/h

Smooth process flow

Efficient maintenance and operation worldwide

The Mobile Smart Factory´s Augmented Reality includes an instruction manual with a step-by-step guide through the production processes as well as a “help section” for detailed trouble shooting and a remote support option. This guarantees an efficient worldwide operation.

Watch Augmented Reality Instruction Manual


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