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A factory in a box

The smart production module that allows you to 3D print parts on-site – as and when needed

The Mobile Smart Factory is a modular container factory equipped with 3D printing devices to provide flexible and reliable production capacities wherever needet. It enables a cost-efficient and fast supply of metal and plastic parts by covering the entire Additive Manufacturing process, including pre- and post-processing.

Exclusive Whitepaper

Optimizing spare parts management using mobile 3D printing solutions

Our Whitepaper not only includes the benefits and potential of mobile 3D printing, but also selected case studies.

Spare parts management is a critical and challenging element for a profitable business operation. The main issues are the uncertainty and volatility of demand, the diversity of items, geographically distributed markets and customer´s high expectations on availability and responsiveness. Consequences are often high levels of inventory, a complex supply chain and high logistics cost.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is considered as a promising way to optimize spare parts management. It allows reducing high levels of inventory and related cost by printing on-demand in proximity of the customer. Despite the many benefits of using 3D printing to produce spare parts, adoption is still limited partly due to a lack of suitable, i.e. easy-to-handle and cost-efficient, technologies.

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