Mobile Smart Factory - Startup of the Month by 3Dnatives

Fantastic news! Our Mobile Smart Factory, the modular 3D printing container factory, has been selected as Startup of the Month by 3Dnatives. Thanks a lot to the whole Bionic Production GmbH team and our great partner from Practeria and METROM…

New Sales Partner for Middle East and Egypt

PROMECH provides top-notch Rapid Product Development solutions along with dedication to customer support in both software & hardware products development & manufacturing in Middle East region to provide business and people with virtual…
Prototying progress of the first Mobile Smart Factory

Installation of the first Mobile Smart Factory

Visions take shape

In the first week of 2021 we started equipping our very first Mobile Smart Factory. We started installing the control panel in the prototype and the heart of the system – the multi-optional 6-axis machining centre from METROM.

Interview -Opinion of the week- on 3D ADEPT

Advantages of mobile 3D printing

Dr. Johannes Schmidt was selected by 3D ADEPT Media to share his “Opinion of the week” on mobile 3D printing and the impact it’ll have on certain industries.

Introducing Inchworm Machines for Estonia

New representation

Inchworm Machines with its owner Priit Kull is representing us in Estonia. His vast technological and market experience is a real asset in the supply chain otimization in part supply.
Container delivery Mobile Smart Factory

Prototyping begins with the container delivery

Installation can start

Today the first two containers were delivered to our headquarter in Lueneburg. Based on this we are starting with the installation of all the equipment.

Introducing A1 Digital International IoT-solutions

Worldwide connectivity and tracking

The experience of A1 Digital in IoT-solution will bring customers individual production capacities on-demand right next to their door. This shows how Industry 4.0 can lead to ...

Introducing TiziriTech as African representation

Great opportunities for remote locations

Through TiziriTech's expertise and strategic partnerships, the team is able to offer their clients the best technology for their specific needs. Hein Möller and Malika Khodja …

Training sessions using Augmented Reality

Step-by-step tutorials

For an efficient operation we are developing an Augmented Reality platform with post-commissioning training sessions. That includes step-by-step tutorials for the printers and ...

Introducing Practeria for blended training sessions

Post-commissioning training sessions

To provide the best blended training solution possible, we are happy to announce Practeria as our partner for the design and execution. This includes virtual and ...

New Mobile Smart Factory product video

Overview of our 'factory in a box'

To get an informative overview about the Mobile Smart Factory, including the system set-up, the technology and benefits, we put together a product video.

Mobile Smart Factory flyer

Fresh from the press

Our Mobile Smart Factory flyer is finished! If you want to download your copy, click here

Interview on

Mobile Smart Factory and TiziriTech teaming up for the African market

Interview with our Senior Project Manager Dr. Johannes Schmidt about the technical and economic potential of the Mobile Smart Factory in the African ...

New Whitepaper

Optimizing spare parts management using mobile 3D printing solutions

We've put together an exclusive whitepaper about the benefits and potential of mobile 3D printing! It also features selected case studies. Head to our downloads section to get your copy!