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Mobile Smart Factory

Customizing your Mobile Smart Factory

Three phases from intent to implementation


Letter of Intent

Save the date for your Mobile Smart Factory feasability study in 2020

Client Benefits
  • Early access to the first Mobile Smart Factories
  • Development of AM know-how
  • First-mover benefits



High-level part screening analysis to identify suitable parts

Next steps
  • Preparation of a Mobile Smart Factory Business case assessment
  • Save your delivery date
  • Customizing of the Mobile Smart Factory to your individual needs

Note: For the preparation of the Feasibility Study, data (e.g. size and material of parts, construction data) must be provided by the client


and Operation

According to your needs: production and delivery of the customized Mobile Smart Factory

Final Steps
  • Roll out concept (e.g. operation, service and maintenance processes)
  • Deployment of the Mobile Smart Factory in daily operation

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