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Mobile Smart Factory

Customizing your Mobile Smart Factory

We fully support your Mobile Smart Factory implementation process

Standard process

Customization, implementation
and operation

According to your needs: production and delivery of the customized Mobile Smart Factory

  • Set-up and production of your individual Mobile Smart Factory
  • Roll out concept (e.g. operation, service and maintenance processes)
  • Deployment of the Mobile Smart Factory in daily operation
Additional Services

Feasibility study

  • Preparation of a rough, free-of-charge feasibility study to identify parts and assess the potential Mobile Smart Factory
  • Prerequisite: Signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent

Comprehensive training programs

  • Delivery of tailored pre and post commissioning training sessions
  • Training overview:
    • Standard Training
    • 3D printing design training
    • Quality control training
    • Further special training

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