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Our vision

We pave your way to an independent, cost efficient and reliable additive part production.
Our product is based on the tradition of engineering science. We are driven by the vision to produce metal parts independently and in any part of the world. Combining the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with cutting-edge machines and CSC-certified containers we strive to revolutionize the market for mobile 3D printing.

About us

Mobile Smart Factory is a division of Bionic Production GmbH and headquartered in Lueneburg/Germany. Our team has a sound knowledge of Additive Manufacturing and welding technologies as well as of our focus industries. With this strong background, we guide you on your way to mobile 3D printing.

Our team

Michael Gorn
Technical Head

Before managing projects in the shipping industry, Michael Gorn studied Economic Science and Industrial Engineering. Over the years, he broadened his knowledge in Additive Manufacturing and is now an experienced and highly qualified specialist when it comes to welding technologies and welding product development.

Klaus Müller
Senior Advisory Consultant

With a Master of Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, Klaus Müller is one of the leading experts in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. With 30 years work experience he has a broad base of industrial experience, covering Technology Evaluation and Implementation, Strategy and Business Development, Process-Improvement as well as Market Analysis, Forecasting and Intelligence.

Dr. Johannes Schmidt
Senior Project Manager

Dr. Johannes Schmidt is an expert in the fields of Project Management, Strategy Development and Business Analysis. From 2016-2019 he worked as team leader in one of the leading management consultancies in the worldwide port and transport sector. There he gained valuable international work experience, i.a. in Africa, Asia and Europe.


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